Over 159 million workers in Europe with over 50% of which are currently suffering from Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)*.

Resulting in decreased quality of life and in decreased productivity.

Increasing cost to society, government, individual and companies.

The cost imposed by MSD to society, individual and employer are massive creating a huge potential market.

Our targeted market is the manufacturing and construction industry as it has the highest proportion of work-related MSD and allows the greatest opportunity for collaboration with machinery (cobot) for which we are patented in Italy (N. 102020000006238) with global patenting in progress (WO2021191784A1).

Solution / WINGS

Wearable Electronics


Muscles Activities


External app


Stakeholder Impacts

Factory / Company

Improve processes, productivity and reputation Reducing costs and increasing performance output


Personal physical assessment & predictive analytics Improving working conditions and quality of life after work

Machine & Robot Designer

Data for new types of tools and UX/UI Enabling more efficient machinery designs and processes


Data analysis related to injuries, MSD Enabling more insurance service options and packages


Reduction in MSD related hospital/health costs  and pension payments  Healthier population increasing work productivity and assisting ageing population problem     

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