LWT3 Pillars

Interaction Lab

Our in-house laboratory dedicated to the data acquisition related to humans and tools/machines and their interfacing patterns, in different activities and tasks


Metabolics, physiological and sEMG.


Motion capture and object tracking

Virtual Reality

Virtual/Augmented reality and Haptic interfaces

LWT3 labs dedicated to the design and fabrication of physical (smart-textile, wearable products, electronics) and virtual (cad, cam, cas) prototypes.

Electronic Lab

Hardware & Firmware prototyping.

Wearable Computer Lab

Where the garments of the future are created

Digital Fabrication Lab

The place where the idea and the physical world collide

Data Pipeline​

We work with companies in both industrial and service sectors, offering hardware and software solutions, data elaboration and visualization services. Our labs specialize in creating IoT prototypes and data stack. garments.

Workplace Safety

R&D IoT devices

Service Companies

Data management and visualization


Project and Develop of wearable computer devices


Joint projects with universities and research centers


Teaching Data Science on professionals courses

We are specialize in sports science. Thanks to the cross-functional skills of our staff and our internal lab and devices, we are able to analyze the acquired data quickly, transforming it into information available for the technician's action.

Endurance Sport​

Dedicated expert team to this area

Enterprise services

Data acquisition and analysis on materials and products for sports industry.

Teams and Sports Clubs

Acquisition and analysis of large, heterogeneous teams

Wellness Corporate​

Sports practice for organizations, wih data fusion on business and sports KPIs.

Sports Federations

Data acquisition and analysis in collaboration with coaches, technicians and federations.

Physical recovery’s support

Supporting coaches and specialists in providing useful data for recovery from injuries

The convergence of the Art and Technology. We are the technological partner for artists, performers, musicians, composers and researchers to acquire and analyze data.


Promote new technology to support teaching

University & Accademy

Support research and project activities

Professional Musicians

Technology and design partners for professional musicians


Supporting performers from scientific and technological side