Safety 4.0 offers workers and companies an advanced prevention technology for workplace safety

SAFETY 4.0 offers workers and companies advanced prevention technology for workplace safety.

SAFETY 4.0 is declined in three technological elements to satisfy different needs of security services based on a series of wearable devices, with the dual purpose of protecting the worker and facilitating the employer in supervision.

the technology – which is based on special sensors and applications that allow for the verification and monitoring of the presence of PPE, but also of unsuitable postures – was conceived and developed by CRSL in the LWT3 laboratories with the support of Sinervis Solutions as regards the IT field.


“It is an extremely innovative project that enables instant flow of control data with real-time reporting through a cross-cutting approach that covers all productive sectors and can be applied from industry to agriculture.”

SIRIO CIVIDINO, PhD – Coordinatore Tecnico/Scientifico di CRS Laghi


With SAFETY 4.0 technology, CRSL provides companies with the technology transfer necessary to independently develop, finalize and test devices and applications that allow:

  • Place sensors on personal protective equipment (PPE), machinery and means of transport, but also on special supports to protect those who work from home.
  • Monitor the presence (or absence) data of the safety devices in real time and report any discrepancies to the proposed figures and to the workers themselves.

Safety On is a device that integrates an inclinometer, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, and was conceived and designed primarily for those who work from home, but is also applicable to others, such as video terminal operator, with the goal of analyzing aggregate data of incongruous postures assumed during the workday

It applies to production sites, confined spaces and construction sites. It consists of a system of specific sensors for each type of work activity and the related relevant structures, guaranteeing: Analysis and control of PPE, generation of control reports, continuous monitoring and alarm systems

It has the same purpose as Safety IN, but has been specifically designed for all people who work outdoors or at other maintenance companies, cleaners, drivers, gardeners, loading or unloading workers, etc. )