Collaboration with </br>
Giusy Caruso

Collaboration with
Giusy Caruso

After years of collaborations and projects in the field of technological and artistic research, that Giusy Caruso is officially our music advisor for our “Arts&Tech” business unit.

The mission is to provide an acceleration on the development of new sensors and in new  human computer interaction systems in the field of music and performing arts. We are aiming to be the bridge  between technology and art. 

Purpose: Improving performance while preserving workers’ quality of life and increasing safety. Winner of Bando SI.4.0 2020 UnionCamere Lombardia

Concert Pianist, post-doctoral Artist Researcher & Chairwoman of the Research group CREATIE at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Visiting Professor-London Performing Academy of Music

Performance in the metaverse performed also in partnership with Giusy Caruso and with the support of YAMAHA and the Cremona Music Festival. The pianist performed in the metaverse a piece by Steve Reich wearing a VR and MoCap System, in counterpoint with a recording of herself. The audience got to see what the pianist was seeing in the metaverse: herself and her avatar developing in the virtual environment a four-handed performance. 

Honorary Mention:

Open Night – Museo della Scienza e Tecnologia Milano 2020
Politecnico di Milano – Milan Piano City 2019
In collaboration with pianist and researcher Giusy Caruso, we were invited to two performances: for Piano City 2019 at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Open Night at MuST in Milan in 2020.

We included in the pianist’s performance, in addition to the analysis of kinematics, the analysis of the muscular effort of the pianist.
The audience was able to appreciate both the real-time visualization of Giusy Caruso’s avatar and her biosignals, and also got to interact with pianist through the motion tracking system.